Tosch Jubilee Ananke “Anne”

Tosch Jubilee Ananke “Anne”


Anne at 2 years of age

Winner's Bitch under Breeder Judge Patti Neal for a major - Omaha, 2012
Winner's Bitch at the Rocky Mountain Borzoi Specialty - February, 2013


Anne at BCOA 6-9 Puppy Bitch class

Anne - Tosch Jubilee Ananke received Fourth Place at the BCOA 6-9 Puppy Bitch class - out of 16 entered. Sister Liera gets Third Place! What a great litter!


Anne  Anne

Anne enjoying a winter day

Anne  Anne in the yard


More photos of Anne

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HP24246401 (12-09) CERF52 GLD BRDL SPTD ON WH
AKC DNA #V560798
CH Katushka-Jubilee Movado
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AKC DNA # V605009
CH Jubilee Breath of Life CD
HM94208301 (10-02) OFA37G WH & GLD SBL
CH Katushka-Kyrov's Splash
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HP20681805 (02-12) BLK & TN WH TRM BLK MSK
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Silkenswift Bonne Chance
AKC DNA #V499239
Nubia Heberova
DWZB 16311
DC Svoras Scandalous SC
HP04478504 (08-06) BLK & TN SPTD ON WH TKD
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