Jubilee Tosch Ganymede

Jubilee Tosch Ganymede "Easy"

Easy takes Second Place in the BCOA 6-9 Puppy Dog class - brother Ranier gets First!

Easy and Ranier   Easy Running
Easy - Jubilee Tosch Ganymede takes First Place in the Futurity, 6-9 Puppy class, and brother Ranier gets Second Place!!

Easy   Easy Relaxing at Home
Easy relaxing at home

Easy   Easy and sister
Easy growing quickly

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GCH CH Jubilee Tadbit O'Brindle Mist
HP24246401 (12-09) CERF52 GLD BRDL SPTD ON WH
AKC DNA #V560798
CH Katushka-Jubilee Movado
HP-13468701 (04-07) GLD BRDL SPTD ON WH
AKC DNA # V605009
CH Jubilee Breath of Life CD
HM94208301 (10-02) OFA37G WH & GLD SBL
CH Katushka-Kyrov's Splash
HM72741804 (07-04) WH & SLVR
CH Jubilee Mists of Eden
HM94208310 (04-07) WH & GLD SBL
CH Renaissance General Patton CD
HM77752706 (05-01) WH & GLD
CH Kyrov's Jubilante Hallelujah
HM67874903 (05-01) OFA89F WH & RD
GCH DC Aria Svora Sweet Purple SC
HP20681805 (02-12) BLK & TN WH TRM BLK MSK
Chabibi's Korona-Kazan SC
HP08916701 (08-06) RD BLK MSK (GER)
AKC DNA# V363992
Silkenswift Bonne Chance
AKC DNA #V499239
Nubia Heberova
DWZB 16311
DC Svoras Scandalous SC
HP04478504 (08-06) BLK & TN SPTD ON WH TKD
CH Chataquas Valimir of Kyrov SC
HM59386804 (07-00 OFA53G OFEL53 WH TN & BLK
AKC DNA #V59390
CH Babot JKA's Fantaziya SC
HM91095001 (07-03) WH TN & BLK (SWE)