Puppy Application

Puppy Application


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Phone (home):

Phone (work):


Type of Residence


House Apartment Mobile Home
Condominium Other

If "Other", please explain:

Do you rent or own your home:

Rent Own

If a rental, do you have your landlord's permission to keep a dog in your home?
Yes No

How long at this address:



How long at current Employer:

Do you work a full-time job?

Yes No

If you work full-time, where would the puppy be kept while you were gone?:


If Applicant is not head of household, who is?




How long at current Employer:

Other people living at this address (children, relatives, roommate, significant others, spouses, etc). Please list ages if under 21 years.



Please list all current pets (dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, etc)


What type of puppy do you want?


Borzoi Wire-Haired Pointing Griffon


Male Female Doesn't matter


Puppy Young Adult Adult

What activities do you wish to participate in with a puppy/dog from us?

Conformation shows Lure Coursing Straight-racing Oval-racing Obedience Agility

Therapy work Hunt AKC Field Trials NAVHDA Field Trials Strictly a companion/pet

Where would you keep your puppy when you are not at home?


Puppies can sometimes be destructive (ie: chewing up things, digging, etc.) How would you feel and what action would you take if your puppy dug holes in the yard, chewed up your favorite shoes, broke something valuable, pooped or peed in your house?


What type of exercise would the puppy/dog get?


Does anyone in your home have allergies? Yes No

If "yes", please describe:


Approximate size:

Fence type and height:

How much time would the puppy/dog spend outside?


List two references (include phone number, address and email.


List veterinarian with address, phone number and/or email.


Would you object to a home visit? Yes No

Any additional comments?:

Please send photos of your home and yard.  If you have kennels, please include photos of the kennel area as well.
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